There is another world, but it is in this one.

Paul Eluard. Œuvres complètes, vol. 1, Gallimard, 1968.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Coming events cast their shadows before: John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness (1987).

"Then it really is Old Scratch knocking at the door."

John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness (1987).

Fine video-on-demand viewing choice for a damp, misty, October afternoon when the laundry has been folded and put away.

A. John Carpenter never made the same movie twice, but there are striking parallels in setting between this movie and The Thing (1982), just as there are between Hawks' Rio Bravo (1959) and El Dorado (1966).

B. Every damning review of a new Carpenter release invariably began by praising previous films. A movie scribbler could thus spend his career applying this shtick, safely dismissing each film.

C. Jameson Parker is not Kurt Russell. But Kurt Russell is not what the role demanded.

D. The Thing (1982) had a budget of 15 million. Prince of Darkness (1987) had a budget of three million. Thus do we graph the lack of confidence in Carpenter by both studios and financiers.

E. If the old priest hadn't died, the church would not have been found the cylinder just as the supernova rays started hitting the Earth and catalyzing increasingly strange manifestations.


7 October 2018

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