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Paul Eluard. Œuvres complètes, vol. 1, Gallimard, 1968.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Marvel's Doctor Strange

I'm not partial to movies where "magic is real" and people learn the secrets of "mind over matter."

Other than the amazing Captain America: Winter Soldier, I really have no curiosity about Marvel movies, either.

Doctor Strange is no exception. Hundreds of millions spent on CGI mandalas and M.C. Esher cityscapes and kaleidoscope multiverses, just so we can root for earth's fate to be handled by the whims of a better class of sorcerer.

It all becomes a blur, and Benedict Cumberbatch seems more "mannikin" than flesh. He portrays an arrogant supersurgeon who is humbled and "learns better."

If you're looking for a magical movie, watch The Prestige.

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